Urban Nomads n A new generation of worker travelers that transplant themselves to different cities across the globe to both build and find career and adventure opportunities. They want to escape the 9-5, build passive income and work at what they love from any location.

Our Story

We get asked all the time by our friends, family and new acquaintances how it is that we’re able to travel the world and still make a living. After retelling our story and our life connoisseur philosophy countless times, we realized these weren’t just isolated questions, but that people all over the world were wondering the same thing: how can I do what I love every day, travel the world, earn a living, and have a lot of fun to boot?

Life Connoisseurs n We work and think fast, but savor the good of life.  Life Connoisseurs enjoy the beauty, fun and best parts of life and endeavor to have all different kinds of experiences in their repertoire.

To help answer those questions we decided to start Living Radically as a repository for our knowledge and experience to help others who are venturing down the path of independence. Here you’ll learn the most cost effective way to travel to the most beautiful places in the world, how to fund your lifestyle with a steady stream of income you don’t have to work on night and day, and how to live overseas for a fraction of what it costs you now.

Since we liberated our lifestyle, we’ve ridden motorcycles through the mountains of Yangshuo, China, could reach out and touch a Rhinoceros in Singapore, appear regularly on CNN, counseled some Real Housewives in Orange County and partied at the Playboy mansion. Meanwhile by working less, we’ve actually seen our incomes skyrocket – I made my old corporate annual salary in two months – without ever stepping foot in an office.

Travel Moguls n Individuals who love to travel with luxury and adventure while still being cost effective.

We’ve also made mistakes and had failures along the way, the experiences from which we’re passing on to you. We know the tactics and tools we used to start our online lifestyle can work in almost any situation, whether your a housewife, unemployed, the CEO of a major company, or even a high school student.

About Vanessa:

Vanessa is a writer and entrepreneur. She loves building projects and businesses that provide her with the passive income she needs to be location independent and travel the world. She has multiple columns, online websites and businesses.

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